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“Movement of colour on the white,pure, pure like the sky.Light and dark changing.One by one fading,Tones and shapes. Faces.To be made, created born from nothingTo be seen, by all. For all to see the art”

Art is one of the biggest movements through out history and we can all participate by creating and presenting our art to the public to impact, inspire, express and appreciate.

We showcase all styles and types of art from painting to drawing, sketching. Our motto is to get inspired and for all artists out there to “leave your mark in this beautiful world”. The goal is to give a chance to artists who were not yet discovered or werent given the opportunity to get exhibited and put their art to the public.

We invite you to enter our Artist’ profiles and check out their art, read about them and experience the work. All the art can be purchased online or while it is up in our gallery. We also have artists who are happy to paint or draw upon request. We recomend to check our Event Page to see what exhibitions are taking place at the time.

If you are an artidt and you come accross this page we welcome you to contact us if you feel you would like to work with us.